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Wood Plastic Product That Will Not Fade

The plastic profile is a kind of new material in recent years the market is booming, many people don’t know about the plastic profile, with the use of wood products worried about the growth period will be faded and other problems.

Green-Wood Plastic Product

The introduction of international advanced technology wood products are green wood, Wood plastic product that will not fade in the product of three foreign ministries and the colors are added as additives and stabilizer, to prevent the formation of a long time due to the specially made a layer of UV on the surface of the product, to prevent the ultraviolet radiation, can effectively use for 20 years.

Outdoor WPC Product That Will Not Fade

A long time in outdoor use, although a little bit will fade, but will not affect the visual beauty, it can be said that other than ecological building materials and other products are comparable. Customers do not have to worry about ecological wood and wood plastic products fade.

In addition, wood and wood products are better than wood, more environmentally friendly than logs more healthy. In the first year has just completed the installation of the product, the color will become light color 5-10%, after 15-20 years will not have obvious change, on the other hand, wood products have been used in the whole process of color change.

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