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The installation method of wood plastic flooring

While wood plastic floors are easy to install, we have to remind consumers of several rules that should be followed in installing wood – plastic floors in the room, allowing you to get some little renovation experience while pretending to be in their own rooms.

Wood Plastic Flooring Installation

1.The wood-plastic floor is usually laid from the entrance to the room or from one wall to the other.

2.In the wood-plastic floor before the floor to be laid floor inspection and repair. Although the wood-plastic floor has the function of waterproof, moisture-proof and mildew.However, eco-wood manufacturers suggest that residents living on the first floor should have a detailed understanding of the spring tide in the four seasons. If the return is severe, be sure to apply a layer of waterproof asphalt or bituminous oil first.

3.In order to make the floor beautiful, we should plan and design the central axis before wood-plastic flooring installation, which is the baseline of laying the floor. Especially when several rooms in the same room are laid at the same time, the planning and design of the central axis are more important. Specific practice can consult the scene master.

4.To lay the wood-plastic plate to carefully according to the quality of good or bad, the color of the depth of the sorting. Good quality, color consistent, as far as possible in the center and conspicuous place, usually site master will verbally inform.

After finishing the wood plastic flooring installation, we should also pay attention to the maintenance and care of these floors in our daily life.

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