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Introduction Of DIY Composite Decking Materials

Wood plastic composite decking is made of wood plastic foaming powder + re + hardener. The production of wood plastic with no toxic gas, no sewage generated. While wood removal and installation is simple and convenient, it will not disturb the neighbors. application of DIY composite decking In the newly renovated house, no formaldehyde. Because of two kinds of wood with waterproof anticorrosive plastic and wood texture characteristics that make it excellent outdoor building materials and very durable (floor, fence, chairs, garden or waterfront landscape etc.). The floor is green. And strong plasticity, color, specifications can be selective, can be moisture-proof, waterproof, sound absorption.

DIY Composite Decking Design

Plastic profile for consumers, wood plastic composite decking belongs to the energy saving and environmental protection products, not only can control the harmful good emissions, also can achieve the ground waterproof and moistureproof effect. For designers, this new type of wood material, and affinity, both natural wood and models, can meet a variety of colors designers and innovative, different design requirements. For decoration companies, convenient installation can greatly save construction material cost, labor cost, and time cost.

DIY Composite Decking Advantage

There are several major advantages: wood fireproof, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, paint free, acid and alkali resistance, high stability for a long time. Wood outdoor sun and rain will not crack, aging, deformation of wood. There are PVC, PE and PP three. Pvc and PE classification is relatively common.

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