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More Comfortable Wood-plastic Flooring

Internationally considered as the 21st century innovation and science and technology of polymer comfortable wood-plastic flooring, will live in a healthy and comfortable, green environmental protection, fashion and beauty, convenient decoration, and so on, the emergence of decoration enterprises and the majority of the owners of the welcome,Become the main character of interior decoration. Wood plastic flooring, as a new generation of paving decoration materials, Shanghai Seven Trust industrial wood products also provides new products, you can have more choices.

Wood-plastic Flooring Performance

The comfortable wood-plastic flooring has good performance, moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, tasteless, fungicidal, antistatic, moth-proof, lacquer-free, in line with the comfort of the human body. This kind of flooring takes polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main raw material, its flame resistance and smoke density reach the national B1 standard, it has super flame retardancy and increases the safety factor of human living.

Comfortable Wood-plastic Flooring Material

Wood-plastic flooring is a kind of material which is made of wood fiber and plastic. It is different from the ordinary flooring made of wood fiber and glue. Plastic wood floor color uniform, natural lines, showing a lifelike log flavor, can reflect the concept of personalized decoration. Comfortable wood-plastic flooring is the best substitute for solid wood flooring and composite flooring. It overcomes the defects of solid wood flooring and aggrandizement floor which is afraid of water and has harmful substances such as formaldehyde. It has a good function of saving forest wood, reducing pollution and maintaining ecological balance. It is a flooring industry the most thorough innovation, the most thorough progress. It can be widely used in living rooms, bathrooms, conference rooms, stadiums, parks and other indoor and outdoor places.

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