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Laying And Maintenance Of Composite Flooring

Wood plastic flooring is widely used in various fields, but there are many people who should not know how to carry out maintenance of composite flooring. Here are some common maintenance methods for wood plastic flooring.

Maintenance Of Composite Flooring Methods

1, The decking should be laid in the late construction, shall not cross construction. After laying should be polished and painted as soon as possible

2, The laying of the floor before the demolition of the package should be stacked in the laying site 1 – 2 days, so that it can adapt to the environment, so as to avoid the expansion of the deformation after laying

3, The laying should do a good job of moisture-proof measures, especially the bottom and other more humid occasions. Moisture-proof measures have been coated with moisture-proof paint, moisture-proof film, the use of bedding treasure and so on

4, Shop floor should not be too tight around should leave enough joints (0.5 ~ 1.2 cm), and should not be laid in case of super wide, wide applications should be separated off, press the copper strip transition.

5, Decking and room, bathroom, kitchen and other stone ground junction should be completely isolated measures.

6, Maintenance of composite flooring do not wash with water, avoid long time sun, continuous air conditioning blowing straight, windows to prevent rain, avoid the hard object collision friction. In order to protect the floor, in the paint can be waxed.

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