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How To Buy Green Composite Decking?


First, the advantages of green composite decking and laminate decking

1, Green Composite Decking
Direct materials for wood, retains the advantages of natural wood floor natural texture, comfortable, but the surface wears resistance.

2, Laminate Decking
The main raw material for small diameter wood, wood floor. The smooth surface, strong wear resistance, pattern neat, easy maintenance, but feels hard.

Two, solid wood composite decking grade distinction

Green composite decking surface species material better, more orderly pattern, the color difference is small, the price more expensive; on the other hand, the more the material species difference, the color difference is bigger, more surface scar, the price will be lower.

Three, green composite decking purchase points

The quality of composite flooring surface smooth, gorgeous color natural, variety, complete specifications, the thickness of the negative moisture balance; poor composite flooring surface roughness, color bleak, varieties, specifications, a single anti-moisture balance thin

High-quality composite floor size thickness line, two-floor splicing without a gap, with the hand joint is smooth; inferior composite floor size thickness, there are obvious gaps of two-floor splicing, with the hand joints have an obvious concavity.

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