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Five Characteristics Of Wood Plastic Composite Material

The wood plastic composite material is a kind of low planting biomass fiber, such as sawdust, wood chips, bamboo chips, rice husk, millet bran, peanut shell, cotton straw and other low plant biomass fibers. It uses the polymer interface chemical principle and plastic filling modification characteristics to mix a certain proportion of plastic base. After special processing, a kind of reversible recycling use is made, covering a wide range of products. A variety of basic materials with diverse forms and structures. At present, there are different appellations at home and abroad. They are also called plastic wood, environmental protection wood, technology wood, recycled wood, aggregate wood, etc. The English name is a wood plastic composer, abbreviated as WPC. It has all the properties of wood processing.

This wood plastic composite material has five characteristics:

1. Raw material resource: Its biomass material part is the waste utilization basically, the source is widespread, the value is low; Plastic components are not high, new, old or mixture can fully reflect the comprehensive use of resources and efficient use.

2. Plasticizable products: Wood plastic products are synthetic products, according to the requirements of random adjustment of product technology and formula, so as to produce different properties and shapes of materials, its profile utilization ratio is close to 100.

3. The use of environmental protection: Wood plastic composite material and their commonly used additives are safe and environmentally friendly, harmless and harmless, and will not produce toxic side effects in the process of production and processing, so they do not constitute any dangerous registers for human bodies and the environment.

4. Cost economization: Wood plastic products realize the transfer of low-cost planting materials and high value-added products, not only the maintenance cost is very low, but also the product life is several times as long as that of natural wood, the comprehensive comparison has obvious economic advantages.

5. Recycling: Wood plastic composite material waste products and recycled products can be recycled 100%, and will not affect the performance of the product, can truly achieve “reduction, biochemistry, recycling” recycling mode.

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