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ECO Fireproof Wood Plastic Floor

Solid wood flooring is now the main material used in many home flooring, because of its very good performance and good effect on human health, so more and more people like to install a fireproof wood plastic floor in their own homes. It is feasible for everyone to say three points floor and seven points of installation. We can imagine how important the installation of solid wood flooring is for the family. How should we install the solid wood flooring? What do we need to pay attention to? Let’s tell you today!

Wood Plastic Foor Installation Checking

Checking the ground, the installation method of the solid wood floor sounds very difficult, but it is not. First of all, the installation of the solid wood floor must be checked beforehand to check whether the ground is flat or not, if the floor is laid on the uneven ground,After installation the floor may be uneven and there is a large gap between the foot line and the floor which not only affects the beauty but also affects the service life of the flooring lock and even causes the floor noise. All kinds of high and low values on the surface of the ground should not differ by 3 mm, and the ground should be dry, neat, and free of any impurities.

Fireproof Wood Plastic Floor Test

The test method is to put several sheets of film on the floor where the floor needs to be installed, and seal them up for about 12 hours.See if there is water vapor and small particles attached to the film, and if not, the ground is dry and clean. The floor before installing the floor must be placed in the normal temperature state for 48 hours to ensure that the floor adapts to the temperature and humidity of the environment. When installing, the floor size will not be too different because of the heat expansion and cold contraction, which does not adapt to the environment.

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