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Balcony Composite Floor Material

Wood plastic is a kind of wood function improvement product obtained from heat treated wood under high temperature and special medium. Heat treated wood is a green and environmentally friendly product, which is the best for indoor use and can also be used outdoors because no chemical agent is added in the process of heat treated wood, but it is only a physical process of ultra-high temperature heating. Heat treated wood has five characteristics: color induction, dimensional stability, biological durability, hydrophobicity, moisture absorption and desorption.

Balcony Composite Floor Material Development

Wood plastic composite is a new type of composite material which has been booming in recent years at home and abroad. balcony composite floor material refers to the use of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride to replace the usual resin adhesives, with wood flour, rice husk, etc. Straw and other waste plant fiber mixed into new wood materials, and then through extrusion, molding, injection molding and other plastic processing technology to produce sheet or profile.

Composite Floor Material Application

Balcony composite floor material Mainly used in building materials, outdoor landscape, door and window plate, furniture, logistics packaging and other industries. Wood plastic products can be like wood processing and cutting, can prevent insects, moth-proof, anti-corrosion, production process and finished products are non-toxic harmless, is 100% zero formaldehyde products, truly achieve green and environmental protection. Many characteristics of wood-plastic products, so that its performance originated from wood and better than wood.

A Series Of New Materials

Such as wood-plastic composite, wood metal composite, wood rubber composite, wood-inorganic compound wood, etc. These are heat treated wood, green and environmentally friendly products, which can be safely used in interior decoration, furniture, etc. Flooring and other aspects should be the attention and development of enterprises and R & D personnel.

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